Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is Top Ten Favourite TV Shows/Movies.

Pretty Little Liars (2010) Poster1.Pretty Little Liars

I love this show because each girl is unique and has such different personalities, which is part of what makes the show so interesting.

Teen Wolf (2011) Poster

2. Teen Wolf

Dylan O'Brien. That is all.

Suits (2011) Poster

3. Suits

I have no idea  why, but I absolutely adore lawyer TV shows, and I think Suits is the best of them. The bromance between Harvey and Mike is so cute, and they are just hilarious together.

Sherlock (2010) Poster

4. Sherlock

I am a huge fan of Martin Freeman, and have been ever since I saw The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so when I heard he was cast in the new version of Sherlock Holmes, I immediately checked it out. Also, the tales of Sherlock Holmes are a classic, and although I haven't read the books, I do really enjoy the story. 

Friends (1994) Poster

5. Friends

Friends is just a classic, and I bet that each of us has watched at least one episode in their life. It would just be rude not to include it in this list, especially considering I've watched every episode at least once.

Gossip Girl (2007) Poster

6. Gossip Girl

What I love about this show is the diverse range of characters, and how very interesting each of them are. However, this doesn't make the show complicated or boring in the slightest. It also helps that they are all astoundingly pretty!

The Originals (2013) Poster

7. The Originals

I prefer The Originals over The Vampire Diaries so much! As the series went on, I just found The Vampire Diaries to be quite boring, and so I felt The Originals to b quite refreshing. I love how it is darker and I generally find everything (the characters, the plot etc.) to be stronger in this than in The Vampire Diaries.

Make It or Break It (2009) Poster

8. Make It or Break It

Another type of TV show that I love is anything to do with gymnastics or dance, so this show is a perfect fit for me. Each girl is suffering through something different, and it is so inspiring to see them being so strong, both mentally and physically.

Skins (2007) Poster

9. Skins

I am so proud to say Skins is British, as it epitomises the teenage years and really showcases the trials and tribulations many young adults have to go through. The characters in this show specifically are simply trying to grow up and find happiness whilst also having to deal with questionable authority figures.

The Tomorrow People (2013) Poster

10. The Tomorrow People

This show is a new one but it is still definitely a favourite. I actually used to watch the original TV show when I was a kid with my dad, so it was interesting to see how they'd adapted things to make it more modern. I was devastated when I found out it was only given 1 season, but nevertheless it is still a great TV show.

So there we go! I hope you've enjoyed reading about my Top Ten Favourite TV Shows.



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