Top Ten Books I'd Love to Read If I Had a Book Club

Hi everyone! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week's topic is Top Ten Books I'd Love to Read If I Had a Book Club.

I feel like book clubs help bring all types of people together and allow them to share their love of reading with other like-minded people. The Help, in particular, sounds like the perfect place to start when grasping others personalities and opinions.

There are mixed opinions on this book but I think that's perfect as it makes it open for discussion.

The concept just sounds so incredible, and I know it is well-loved.

This got so much attention when it first came out, and then once again when it proceeded to be turned in to a film. I never read it when it was big, but I hope to do so in the future sometime.

I feel so ashamed to admit that I still haven't read this beaut of a book, or so I've been told. I even own an ebook of it, so I have no excuse.

To be quite honest, I really want to read this mostly because I've seen the film and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I love everything about Japanese culture and I love learning about it, and although people have criticised this book for not being that accurate, I don't think that really matters when telling a story.

This film had me sobbing and I only hope that the book is a tear-fest too.

This book is all about a murder and I think that would be so engrossing to read about, for you and for a group.

This is another case of me failing to read a timeless classic - and yet it's true. This would be nice because we could read the book together and then all sit down to some Michael Fassbender.

My mum is a big fan of this, as are hundreds of thousands of others. It sounds so inspirational and like it could help a lot of people.

So there we go! I hope you've enjoyed reading about my Top Ten Books I'd Love to Read If I Had a Book Club.



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