Chaos Theory by M. Evonne Dobson: Book review

Chaos Theory
Book title/Author: Chaos Theory by M. Evonne Dobson
Publisher/Year: February 2015 The Poisoned Pencil
Genre: YA Contemporary/Mystery
Series: The Kami Files #1
Pages: 292
Source/Format: eARC | NetGalley
(Thanks NetGalley/The Poisoned Pencil!)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion.

*This review may contain spoilers!*


Seventeen-year-old Kami is into science, way smarter than she should be, a little obtuse, and born to investigate. The kind of girl who excels in Martial Arts and runs a chaos theory experiment in her locker.

Kami finds a way to focus her talents when she meets Daniel, whose younger sister Julia died from an overdose of prescription drugs - drugs that the cops think came from Daniel's stash. First Daniel turns up at Kami's MA class, and later she saves him from a couple of drug dealers at the local skate park. Neither episode endears him to her, but Kami views life as a series of data points, and in Daniel's case, the data do not add up.

My review

Unfortunately, this book didn't leave much of an impact on me at all. In fact I don't remember a huge deal that went on. But that's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, because I did. It just wasn't mind-blowingly unforgettable.

The idea of Kami as a character is enjoyable; a super-smart teen girl that looks at things logically. However Kami herself isn't quite as interesting, but still good enough for me to put up with her for a whole book. I liked Kami's independence and wanting to help someone, without even really knowing them, but I feel like we only see a shell of Kami, not actually the real thing.

I found it quite disappointing that this whole book we are told about this Chaos Theory experiment (the book is even named after it), and then for nothing to come of it.

I loved the whole crime-solving aspect of this, and the fact that it was a bunch of determined teenagers working 24/7 to find out what really happened to Daniel's sister. It also showcased the reality of drug-taking within teenagers, and how common it is nowadays. 

The ending was left at a cliffhanger and if I'm completely honest I probably won't continue on with this series.

Nonetheless, if you like books with teams of crime-fighting teens, then this might be the one for you!



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