Love Hurts edited by Malorie Blackman: Book review

Love Hurts
Book title/Author: Love Hurts edited by Malorie Blackman
Publisher/Year: January 29th 2015 Corgi Children's
Genre: YA Anthology/Short stories
Series: No
Pages: 576
Source/Format: e-arc | NetGalley
(Thanks NetGalley/Corgi Children's!)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion.

*This review may contain spoilers!*


Malorie Blackman brings together the best teen writers of today in a stunningly romantic collection about love against the odds. Featuring short stories and extracts about modern star-crossed lovers from stars such as Gayle Forman, Markus Zusak and Patrick Ness, and with a brand-new story from Malorie Blackman herself, Love Hurts looks at every kind of relationship, from first kiss to final heartbreak.

My review

I had one major issue with this book - the overwhelming amount of extracts rather than original stories. These extracts gave no context whatsoever and I found them pointless most of the time. I have written a mini-review for each of the stories.

Humming Through My Fingers by Malorie Blackman

I loved the main character. Amber uses being blind to her advantage and doesn't let it stop her from doing what she wants. She's snarky and not afraid to be honest and I think Ethan and her were really cute. Obviously Ethan would be nervous talking to her and being careful of what to say, but I like how Amber took the lead and showed him what her world was like.

From More Than This by Patrick Ness

I felt like I was thrust into this mid-conversation, and having not read More Than This I had no context whatsoever. This was only a couple of pages long and frankly it wasn't needed.

From The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

Even though this was also written from the world of one of Lauren's books, I didn't mind so much because the characters didn't seem so connected with each other already. Wren and Charlie were cute and this has made me interested in The Infinite Moment of Us.

From If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I really connected with Mia and Adam despite not knowing what was really going on. You could tell they really had a connection and I liked Mia's memory with her grandad a lot. The family element in this was nice, as you don't get that a lot.

Tumbling by Susie Day

This is my favourite. I like Sherlock, but I had no idea that this story about lesbian Sherlock fangirls would make me so happy, but it does. I guess I'm just happy that two people can form a relationship over a mutual interest, one that I share with them.

From Trouble by Non Pratt

Again, this was taken from an authors book that I haven't read, so although I liked it, I couldn't really connect to it as I have no real context.

From Rani and Sukh by Bali Rai

I didn't really like this one. I just didn't connect with the characters and the writing felt off. Not one for me.

From You Against Me by Jenny Downham

I liked this one, and I really want to know what happens afterwards, but it felt weird because the situation I was thrust into was quite intense.

From 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
This story was really unique and I enjoyed the whole premise of the story. I'd like to see how she came to be in that situation and what happens after.

From Junk by Melvin Burgess

I've heard great things about this book, but this excerpt didn't seem like anything special.

From Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

I read this book quite recently, so I only skimmed this excerpt. It was fine, but I felt as though there wasn't enough context for readers who haven't read the book.

Gentlewoman by Laura Dockrill

This was so refreshing to read. I love what the story was about, being able to change yourself when you know you aren't comfortable with yourself, and I'm glad it had a happy ending.

From Heroic by Phil Earle

This one was short, but sweet. I liked the different environment that the story was set in, but it would've been nice to read a bit more.

Miss Lucy Had a Steamboat by David Levithan

I really like David Levithan, and although this wasn't as good as Every Day, I still enjoyed the story and I would be interested in reading an extended version of this.

From I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

This one didn't have much of an effect on me. I didn't connect with the characters, and although it sparked my interest, I didn't really know what was going on.

From Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

I've wanted to read an Andrew Smith novel for ages, and although I had no idea what was going on most of the time in this excerpt, now I want to even more.

From Echo Boy by Matt Haig

I had heard nothing about this book prior to reading this excerpt, but I am intrigued. The whole concept is interesting and I've never really heard anything like it before.

From Forbidden by Tabitha Sazuma

I remember faintly reading this book a couple of years ago and although I didn't hate it, I can't really agree with the general premise of the book.

Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda by Lauren Kate

I would've liked to read more from this one, despite it being a decent length already, because I felt like Daniel and Lucinda only really got the chance to be together at the very end.

From Midwinterblood by Markus Sedgwick

This one was a bit weird as it was quite short and it didn't feel long enough to really get anything substantial from it, unfortunately.

The Liar's Girl by Catherine Johnson

I liked the setting in this one but the rest of it was only okay. I couldn't really track what was going on and it felt like they jumped from London to a ship or something and it all got a bit confusing.

The Unicorn by James Dawson

This is a close favourite too. I didn't realise that I would love reading about someone in the navy, but I did. It made such a change to what I normally read, although the navy played a big part in our wars, and thanks to this story I appreciate that and the soldiers in the navy more.

From Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

I am actually slowly reading The Subtle Knife, so it was nice to revisit a bit of Northern Lights, which I enjoyed so much.

From We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This excerpt gripped me from beginning to end. I loved this so much and need to pick up the book now. Just the whole setting of a private island and these wealthy families intrigue me so much.

Overall, this book was only okay. Most of the original short stories I LOVED, but the whole excerpt thing just annoyed me. I would suggest maybe picking this up if you would like to be introduced to lots of authors, but otherwise it's not really worth it.



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