Top Ten Classics I Want To Read

Hi everyone! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week's topic is a freebie, and I chose to talk about Top Ten Classics I Want To Read.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I read Emma last year, and loved it, and this year I feel like reading another Jane Austen novel. Seeing as this is such a renowned classic, I thought I'd try this one next.

I'm quite ashamed that I haven't read this yet, especially considering how short it is!

I bought a copy of this soon after I watched the film a couple of years ago, but it's just been sitting on my shelf unread.

Technically I have already read this, but I want to re-read it before I start Through the Looking Glass, as I have a bind-up of the two.

I know the basics of this story, and it intrigues me so much. Although I pretty much know the big reveal, I still really want to read it.

I am kinda intimidated by the sheer size of this book, but I am determined to one day read it.

I absolutely adore the general premise of The Three Musketeers and eventually I want to read the original.

This is quite a controversial book, but I want to experience it myself and form my own opinion on it.

Like with a lot of others on this list, I've seen the film, loved it, and now I want to read it!

I have experienced many different versions of a lot of the stories, but never the original.

So there we go! I hope you've enjoyed reading about my Top Ten Classics I Want To Read.



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